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Konaklı Ski Center, which is located 17 km away from the city center and started to serve with the 25th World Universities Winter Games, was established on an area of ​​460 hectares with an awareness of 2200-3185 m altitude. The descent direction varies between northeast and northwest. Due to the varying slope rates, it can serve skiers at all levels. It is planned to create a total of 288 hectares of sliding area in Konaklı region with potentially 16 runways. The ski center with 6 mechanical facilities can accommodate 14,000 skiers at the same time. The Konakli Ski Center, which serves in all branches required by Alpine discipline, has the following slopes: Men & # 39; s Super Big Slalom Rink The starting height of the Big Slalom is 2,960 m, and the arrival height is 2,340 m. Men & # 39; s Large Slalom Tracks Big Slalom start height is 2.852 m, arrival height is 2.495 meters. Men & # 39; s Slalom Tracks The starting height of the slalom is 2,695 m and the arrival height is 2,495 m. Ladies & # 39; Super Large Slalom Rink Super Big Slalom start altitude is 3.045 m and arrival height is 2.495 m. Ladies & # 39; Large Slalom Rink Big Slalom start altitude is 2,850 m, arrival height is 2,495 meters. Ladies & # 39; Slalom Circuit Slalom start height is 2,695m and arrival height is 2,495 m. Konaklı Ski Center Transportation and Facilities Konakli Ski Center is located on the Erzurum-Cat highway and 17 km from the city center. To meet the daily needs of athletes and visitors using the ski center; ski rental, sales, box office services, cafe, dining hall, rest and service units are located. Transportation to the ski resort is provided by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality by private buses or by private vehicles and taxis.

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