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Konaklı Kayak Merkezi
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Palandoken Ski Center

Palandöken Mountain is about 2200-3176m altitude and covars the area which is on the south, nort-east, sout-west of city. Mount Palandöken covers area of 72 km in width. Mt. Palandöken, whic is among the foremost and privileged ski-centers in point of winter tourisim and winter sports in Turkey, has conveyed the features of the international main station for winter activities. With this feature, it constitutes the most significant part of the city tourism sector. The south ski run is 8 km. long. The nort ski run is devised for the advanced skiers. 


The highest point of Mt. Palandöken is great Ejder, which is 3188 m high. It is possible to ski on Great Ejder (2200-3100m) and possible to reach 3100 m. by chair lift is 3237 m. long and can carry 360 people per hour. It is possible to ski with drawn sledges by horses besides skiing. The available skiing part of Mt. Palandöken is, 6 km. away for the city center and is located on the strait of Erzurum. The facilities situated on Mt. Palandöken are 16 km. from the airport. 

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Konakli Ski Center
Konakli Ski Center​​

Konaklı Ski Center, which is located 17 km away from the city center and started to serve with the 25th World Universities Winter Games, was established on an area of ​​460 hectares with an awareness of 2200-3185 m altitude.

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